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What’s The Distinction Between Alcohol-Free And Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

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In keeping with the Code of Federal Regulations, the time period “alcohol-free” implies that the beverage incorporates no alcohol. Zero, nada, zilch. The product is totally freed from any hint of alcohol as soon as it’s bottled and added to cabinets.


The time period “non-alcoholic,” alternatively, is broader and may imply the drink has a really low content material, however all the time under 0.5% alcohol by quantity (ABV). That is about the identical quantity as kombucha. Which means drinks labeled as “non-alcoholic” should still include hint quantities, however the ranges are so minimal that they’re thought-about negligible.

These rules apply to each beer and wine. In keeping with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Commerce Bureau (TTB), it’s not required to print a pregnancy-related warning for drinks that include lower than 0.5% alcohol by quantity. As a client, although, it is important to test product labels or descriptions to know the precise alcohol content material in drinks labeled as both alcohol-free or non-alcoholic as these variations might matter for individuals who wish to abstain from even the tiniest share.


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