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Tres Leches-Ish Rice Pudding Recipe

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Most basic rice puddings contain rice that’s simmered in milk till very tender and tender. What makes this rice pudding totally different is the addition of three sorts of milk — evaporated milk, condensed milk, and complete milk. This distinction offers the pudding its title: Tres leches means “three milks” in Spanish. The pudding is impressed by the tres leches cake, a dessert fashionable in South and Central America, wherein sponge cake is soaked in these three sorts of milk. This mix creates an ultra-rich texture that’s the signature of the tres leches rice pudding. 


Common rice pudding normally incorporates only one kind of milk, leading to a thinner consistency and milder taste. On this model, evaporated milk gives a velvety texture and wealthy style. The sweetened condensed milk amps up the sweetness and takes the place of sugar, and it offers the pudding a clean mouthfeel. Lastly, the entire milk lends a recent dairy taste that balances the sweetness. Collectively, these three sorts of milk meld to rework the rice right into a lush, spoonable pudding with advanced layers of taste. The rice soaks up the tres leches combination, changing into tender and virtually souffle-like. The result’s a rice pudding extra intense and satisfying than the usual model.

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