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The Finest Sort Of Cheese To Pair With Pineapple

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Most semi-hard or exhausting cheeses go properly with pineapple — for those who’ve ever tasted Hawaiian pineapple pizza, you already know this. However if you wish to get severe when selecting your pairings, it is clever to think about complementary flavors and aromatics. In “The Taste Thesaurus,” a widely known ebook that serves as a meals sensory information, creator Niki Segnit recommends pairing pineapple with exhausting cheeses, taking part in on their shared fragrant compounds. She notes, “The flavors may be naturally harmonious: the pineapple be aware of ethyl caproate is current in a few of the world’s most interesting cheese, together with comté, Lincolnshire Poacher, and parmesan.”


Ethyl caproate, often known as ethyl hexanoate, offers strategy to fruity aromas and flavors like pineapple and banana. Niki Segnit says that the fragrant compound additionally “happens naturally in clove, figs, and wine” as properly. Similar to contrasting juicy and agency textures may be pleasing to the chunk, matching flavors in cheese and pineapple can intensify their delicate flavors. Just like sipping sure fruit-forward wines with cheese, pineapple highlights the floral, fruity aspect in a number of exhausting cheeses.

Delicate parts of nuttiness and fruit in parmesan, fontina, or comté cheese complement pineapple’s tropical, candy, and even buttery notes notably properly. These complicated, nuanced sensory features of exhausting cheeses (notably aged cheese) would possibly in any other case go unnoticed. Pineapple helps convey these fruity, floral subtleties out.


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