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Errors Everybody Makes When Cooking Candy Potatoes

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With their tough skins and agency textures, it is simple to neglect that candy potatoes do go dangerous ultimately, which implies should you carry some house, you might want to stash them someplace that permits you to protect them. In case your first thought was the fridge, chances are you’ll wish to rethink that plan. The fridge turns the middle of your candy potatoes into edible white rocks, roughly, and in flip, adjustments the flavour from pure sweet to one thing you will wish to spit out. 


Consuming them is feasible after they have been within the fridge, however it’s unlikely you will take pleasure in them a lot. And you are not simply imagining the construction and style adjustments that come together with fridge storage. The frigid chilly of the fridge adjustments candy potatoes on a mobile degree, very like gamma radiation modified Bruce Banner into the Hulk. He ain’t by no means going again to what he was earlier than. Neither are your candy potatoes.

So what’s a candy potato lover to do? Being a root vegetable, candy potatoes wish to sleep in cool, darkish locations, not chilly because the fridge cool, however cool, nonetheless. Purpose for 50 F to 60 F right here. In gentle of that, placing them in a basket on the ground within the pantry, for instance, retains them away from the warmth of the range and at midnight the place they will sleep peacefully for a month or two till it is time to eat them.


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